Summer Work Style Basics

summer work style basics
This summer, I have two internships – one on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and one on Wednesdays and Thursdays. What this means is I need lots of business casual. It is difficult – and extremely stressful – to throw outfits together in the morning before work, so I decided to find a basic set of items that, if I added them to my closet, would help me come up with more outfit combinations with the clothes I already had… and give me less stress.
Because Pinterest solves all problems, I started there. I found a handy dandy article with outfit suggestions, which is where I discovered the white dress, windowpane plaid blouselight-knit sweater, white pants, layered gold necklace and pointed cheetah flats. I then sought out a bright colored blazerneutral clutchblack pointed heel, and round sunglasses. Ever since I got my first pair in Paris last summer, I’ve been addicted to round sunglasses. They are the only shape that seems to work with my baby cheeks!
What are your work basics? Let me know what your staple items are!