I am an absolute nerd when it comes to school supplies. My favorite part of back-to-school shopping is Staples, or Target, or wherever I happen to go. My last semester of college was a little bit different because I didn’t need a whole lot. So, I put a lot more thought into the items I selected.


  • think happy be happy Notebook – I found this at Marshall’s while Christmas shopping over the holidays. This notebook is pretty thick and I’m planning to use it for all 4 of my classes. My online class shouldn’t be many handwritten notes, and I’ve found over the past semesters that I don’t usually fill up a notebook with just one class. My favorite part about this notebook is that the edges of the pages are gold-plated.
  • Marble Hard Shell Macbook Cover – I found this cute case on Amazon for only $20, and I am really impressed with the quality. The Apple logo even shines through the case, which looks really cool.
  • Staedtler Ballpoint Pen 10 Color Pack – These pens are my favorite because they don’t smudge, have a convenient case so I don’t lose them, and come in colors that aren’t too bright. I use these pens for my planner to make the pages more vibrant and happy.
  • Moleskine 2016 Weekly Notebook – I’ve been eyeing a Moleskine planner, and I finally decided to get this one because I like the layout of the pages. On the left are the days of the week, and on the right is a lined sheet of paper to take notes. I find this is especially handy for to-do lists or providing details about events that you note on the weekly view. It also has monthly calendars, a map, an address book, and a few other handy pages.
  • Solo 2 Beats By Dre (not pictured) – I got my first pair of Beats as a bonus when I purchased my Macbook Pro this year. I wasn’t really interested in them at first because I am not a fan of large headphones, but they have become a staple for studying or doing work. The best part about them (besides the great sound quality) is the noise-cancelling.

2 thoughts on “Workspace

  1. Love it! That back to school time is awesome. Even though I’m not at school anymore, I still love how stationary becomes big this time of year.

    1. Yes I love that too! My only problem is that after I’ve decided on a planner, I usually find a bunch of other ones that I want instead! Haha

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