• 500 followers on Twitter (@sltaylor94)
  • 200 followers on WordPress
  • Publish blog post 1x per week
  • Journal every day (no set length/topic)
  • Keep planner up to date using Bullet Journal technique (see here)
  • Read 1 book for enjoyment per month
  • Keep personal website (taylorsamantha.com) up to date
  • Personal finance with mint.com: adhere to a savings plan; monitor monthly spending;
  • Transfer all emails/contacts/listserv subscriptions from school email address to personal email address
  • The 52 Lists Project (see here)
  • Reduce items in closet by 30%; sell or donate accordingly
  • Play piano, guitar, sing, or write a song 1x per week
  • Declutter
  • Learn Spanish

2 thoughts on “2016 Goals

    1. Hannah, I was just looking into migrating the other day, actually! I own a domain for my personal website (http://www.taylorsamantha.com) and I was considering hosting my blog on my personal website, but I’m still contemplating the cost of it. Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad you liked it, and I’ll definitely check your blog out 🙂

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