I had a really interesting experience while driving on the highway yesterday in Winston-Salem. A billboard, similar to this one, caught my eye. “This Ad is Real” it said, with the url “www.feelthereal.org” on along the side. Of course this caught my attention and I hurriedly went to the url on my phone. My boyfriend was driving – so don’t worry, I was not typing and driving!

The website had a lot to say about OOH – or Out Of Home marketing. I had heard of this before, and I knew that it, along with experiential marketing, was trendy.

The website contains statistics about the amount of ads that are eaten up by bots, and the amount of money that advertisers waste for similar reasons. The website also has a quiz that allows you to determine how “real” you are. I clocked in at a disappointing 45% real. The next page allowed you to read articles on how technology is destroying our relationships with people and our ability to interact in human ways. One of the articles I remember looking at mentioned how people were now taking classes to learn how to ask someone on a date.

While I see the point this website was trying to make, and while I think their execution (in terms of catching my attention) was incredible, I’m not sure that I’m convinced that technology is inherently bad for human interaction. It definitely changes the way we interact with each other, but I’m not sold on the idea that this is a bad thing. Rather, I’m still looking at both sides and in need of much more scientific evidence before I’m a registered pessimist.

Either way, this site is worth a look. It was a cool moment for an ad nerd like me.

Check it out at feelthereal.org.


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