One of my favorite qualities about myself is that I am passionate about everything that I do. I love learning about new things, old things, scary things, exciting things. There is no limit on my capacity to wonder, and when I find something interesting, I dig in… deep.

Passion is what has gotten me to where I am today, but being passionate is not easy. Passion means caring – deeply – to the point that you are willing to risk fear and rejection in order to pursue something you believe in. I used to think that I was delicate, easily hurt by the slightest comment or change of plans. One misstep along the way would throw me off guard, and I often wondered if I was just a sad-natured person because these instances would happen often.

I realized, however, that my fragility is really strength. When you are so passionate about something, being vulnerable is something you just have to do. Your bones won’t let you shy away from what you truly believe. Being hurt is just what comes with the job description. Allowing myself to experience hurt, anxiety, and fear have only made my passion grow, and opened doors to new experiences. I cherish my ability to care so much and no longer see it as a flaw.

I think it is important to talk positively about ourselves. Introspection is important for personal growth, and that involves acknowledging not only our areas of improvement, but the areas where we shine. The norm is to diminish ourselves to make others feel better, but in reality, this kind of talk just makes everyone feel bad. I want to help change the dialogue. I’m challenging you: think of your favorite quality of yourself and don’t be ashamed – be proud.



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