When I updated my WordPress app on my iPad, I found a post that I wrote in Fall 2014. It discussed my decision to change majors, and, now having completed the school year I had only just embarked on at the time of writing this post, I felt it was too meaningful to delete. This was something I wrote in a burst of inspiration and passion about my studies, so I hope it means something to those who have felt the same way at some point in their lives!

Towards the end of last school year, I decided to change my major to Journalism with a concentration in Advertising. I also, after consulting with my counselor, realized that I would be able to complete a Global Studies double major since I had already fulfilled some of the requirements in my first two years at UNC. This semester, I am taking three classes in the school of Journalism and two classes that count towards my Global Studies major. I wanted to talk a bit about each of these majors because I’m feeling particularly excited about my decision, now that I have had a week of all of my new classes!

I always thought that I was someone who knew exactly what she was doing. I knew when I started my freshman year at UNC that I wanted to work in Marketing. I knew this because I had (limited) experience in the field and after trying it first hand, I found it was something I enjoyed. I thought that the way I would make it to this field would be through the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business program. Although Kenan-Flagler is a great school, I soon discovered that that was not the path for me. I struggled through my economics prerequisites, didn’t enjoy accounting, and aced my marketing class. It became apparent to me that marketing was the way to go, but that perhaps the business school was not the place to study it.

I began looking into the journalism program at UNC, which I had not previously done. An advertising concentration did not seem like it was exactly what I wanted to do, but I figured that with an MBA in Marketing, it would still get me to my end goal. I signed up for Newswriting, Ethics, and Into to Ad/Pr for this semester, and so far I am loving the classes. I have an interest for journalism (reporting in particular) that I never would have imagined. I am suddenly fascinated by tv shows that center around journalists covering the White House and other highly controversial areas. I read a book for my history class on the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments and I was so infatuated by the idea that this man had investigated this issue first hand and had dug through the archives himself. The idea of uncovering and exposing such an issue fascinated me, and I really admired it.

Although I am sure I will not be an investigative journalist, I have realized that because of my journalism studies, I have the potential to pursue it if I so decide. I am realizing that my pride wanted me to declare a major and stick with it as a freshman, because I wanted to be the one who didn’t change her mind 5 times before sticking with one thing, but that sometimes you really have no idea what things you are passionate about until you try them.


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