What could be more perfect on a snowy Chapel Hill day than a warm bowl of Phở from Lime & Basil?

My roommate Beth and I are in Anthropology 375: Memory, Massacres, and Monuments in Southeast Asia. Because my Global Studies courses have primarily centered around Europe, I was excited to learn about a part of the world that I was less familiar with.

This summer, my coworkers introduced me to Phở. I had my first meal at a Vietnamese restaurant in Cary and LOVED it! When Beth and I were talking about where to find a Southeast Asian restaurant to try for class, my other roommate Ayesha mentioned that Lime & Basil on Franklin street is Vietnamese. We decided to head there for lunch today because our early classes were cancelled due to the weather.


I ordered beef Phở and it was absolutely delicious. The dish comes with a basket of bean sprouts, basil, green peppers, and a lime to add to the broth, which contains rice noodles, beef, and greens. The warm broth was perfect for the cold weather. Although I wasn’t the best at using the chopsticks and definitely ended up wearing some of the broth by the end of the meal, I think this beats Chicken Noodle Soup any day! To finish our meal, we each ordered a Bubble Tea. I got the Mocha flavor and Beth tried Strawberry. The surprise of getting a tapioca ball in your straw takes some getting used to, but it was delicious! I’d love to eat here again, so I will definitely be returning sometime in the near future.


After we finished our meal, we took our leftovers to go. When we were walking home on Franklin St, a man asked us if we had any extra food to spare. We decided to give him our leftovers because it was so cold out and no one should have to go hungry in this weather. Maybe that will be our good “kamma” for the day!

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