Life requires a great deal of courage in many forms and situations. As it turns out, most of the best things for you are the results of hard decisions. When we fail to have courage, we hurt ourselves and others around us. Certain situations, especially those that are unfamiliar, can be very scary. Not many people want to put themselves in a vulnerable spot. The impulse is to guard ourselves, but in the act of self-defense, we often unknowingly fail ourselves.

We deserve better. 

However, we don’t always have the courage to do what we believe is right. Sometimes, we don’t have the courage to confront the thoughts within our own heads. If we can’t be candid with ourselves, how can we expect to have honest and upfront relationships with others?

I have learned that often, the first battle is internal. Building the courage to face the deepest, darkest corners of your own being is the first step towards acting courageously in the different situations we face. Have the courage to support yourself even when you must be vulnerable. Becoming comfortable and aware of your strongest and weakest points helps you to foster more real relationships with others. This, in my opinion, is more valuable than letting others fight your internal and external battles for you. When others are left to fight in your place, issues of trust and accountability arise, and sometimes one person is left with an unequal burden because they are able to see the things that you refuse to acknowledge.

Learn your voice. Be proud of that voice. Be humble when you realize that that voice is not without flaw, no one’s is. To me, that is courage.


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