Today was my last day of classes at the Sorbonne, as well as my final for my UNC course. That means that I have today and tomorrow left in Paris, and I fly back to the US on Friday.
I wish I could say that I was excited to go home, but I really wish I could just pick home up and plop it down into Paris. There are things that I love and miss about home: a tall glass of ice cold water, no noise at 6am, reliable wifi, my friends and family, Redbowl and Los Pos, etc… But there are also many things that I prefer about the lifestyle I’ve experienced here in Paris. I love that meals take 2 hours and that people actually talk to each other during that time, rather than sitting on their phones. I love riding the metro because it is a pretty inexpensive, efficient way to get almost anywhere in the city. I think that what I will miss most is hearing the French language everywhere I go. It’s impossible to be immersed in the French language in the US, and there aren’t many options of places to travel to find French that are less than 8 hours away. Even if I continue to butcher my French and have awkward encounters with store clerks and waitresses, it’s fun to try.
I am also pretty exhausted at this point, and I’m really looking forward to going home and checking out the new beach condo. It’ll be great to get back into the loop of the lives of my friends, since the internet situation here has made it pretty hard to keep up to date. However, I will be deactivating my Facebook on July 31 (tomorrow) since I am going to be a recruitment counselor in the fall.

See you soon, USA.


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