As I speak French more and more, I end up having some awkward conversations. I usually end up walking away and laughing at myself, as I’m sure they laugh at me too. For example:

– In the dining hall today I rolled my r in “riz” (rice) and he said “pas de r” meaning don’t use the “r”

– There have been a couple times when people say things and I don’t know if they’re trying to be funny or serious so I just laugh. Ben told me a great example of this: in the dining hall,  he was asking for pasta and waiting for it to be done cooking. The chef broke the silence by saying “bon soir…” so Ben assumed he was making a joke about it taking a long time, so he laughed. The chef didn’t laugh back.

– Last night, when Ben, Amy, Caila and I were getting crepes near Sacre Coeur, the crepe chef messed up a couple of the orders and was getting angry. He started mumbling things like, “stupid young people,” “I don’t give a crap,” etc, in French. I wanted to say back, “je comprends le francais” (I understand French), but I refrained.

– Also in the dining hall today, I was reading for class while eating. A french woman came up to me and said (in French) “you’re eating and studying at the same time!?” and I said “le multi-tasking!” with a French accent. When you’re put on the spot in another language in another country, awkward stuff comes out. “Le multi-tasking” is definitely a phrase you can use in French, but it still felt really awkward.

I’ll keep y’all updated on more awkward things… haha


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