A bit about me:

My name is Samantha and I’m a rising Junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’m currently a Journalism and Mass Communications (Advertising) major with a second major in Global Studies (International politics, nation states, and social movements with a focus on Western Europe). I’m in a sorority, but this coming fall I will be a recruitment counselor and therefore can’t write anything about that until after recruitment! My hobbies include playing the piano, writing music (especially with my band), photography and photo editing, learning new languages, and yoga.

I was born in Mississauga, ON, Canada, and have always been exposed to a minimal amount of the French language. I think that is what sparked my interest when I went to high school (that and my Spanish curse.. many of my friends have heard that story). I started taking French classes in 9th grade, and have continued to study it through a conversation class at UNC this past semester. I took a mini-break freshman and sophomore year at UNC to take Italian 101 and 102. I also enjoy listening to French music, and watching French films and tv. Because I have fallen so in love with the French language and culture, I have been eager to experience France first hand. On Monday (June 23), I will be headed there for the first time. I’ll be studying in Paris for 5 weeks, taking one language class at the Sorbonne and another class taught by a UNC professor who is accompanying us on the trip.

The first assignment of the UNC-taught class asked for us to list some adjectives, images, ideas, and places you associate with Paris. I’m documenting this here because I’m curious to see how my impression changes throughout my trip.

Amelie, music, accordion, dirty, enchanting, lights, grass, busy, old, love, exploration, history, art, fashion, inspiration, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, coffee, wine, business, Chanel, crime, chocolate, pastries, Engrenages, Yann Tiersen, croque-madame, croque-monsieur, pâté, coq au vin,

My flight to Paris sets off on Monday evening. Before then, I will try to post a bucket list I’m working on of particular things I would like to do/see while in Paris. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I hope that my posts will be interesting enough to entertain friends/family, but if not, I’m doing this to have it all documented for myself.

I see this blog as a blog of life experiences that I hope will extend beyond my trip to Paris. However, this is the start.

I also thought I would explain the title. Many friends encouraged me to choose something in English, however, I wanted it to be something French. The title means “my blue heaven” (roughly), which is a phrase that I have often used. The original meaning behind this title was a song by Taking Back Sunday called My Blue Heaven. I had one of those weird moments where some part of the song inspired me. It became my go-to username for social media sites, for lack of a better idea. After this, I was accepted to UNC, which has been nicknamed “blue heaven.” My favorite color is blue. I feel a strong attachment to the ocean as well as the sky. I think that this phrase has, over time, come to mean something to me, hence why I decided to make it the title for this blog.

Thanks for reading!



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